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Terms of Use

Last update: 15/6/2023

Visitors/users of the "" website are advised to read the terms of use and conditions with care for provision of services to follow prior to visiting or using our pages and services and in the event of disagreement is not advised to make use of them. Otherwise it is presumed that they are accepted and that consent is granted. The following terms of use apply to the entire content of the "" website., hereinafter referred to as MP for short, may at any time modify terms of use and conditions, and users/visitors are advised to check for possible changes and should they continue to use it, shall be deemed as having accepted the modified terms and conditions.

In brief:

  1. You arrange your lessons with your teacher and financial matters with MP.
  2. Free first online session with your teacher
  3. Prepayment of the number of lessons you wish to have, informing MP 2+ working days before your first lesson, mentioning the bank as well (3+ working days from banks outside Greece)
  4. MP confirms the payment by the following 2 working days and notifies the teacher
  5. You contact your teacher in order to arrange the lessons you have purchased
  6. In case that any banking charges arise upon payment, these are covered by the student
  7. Cancelation 24- hours before your lesson is not accepted

In detail:

The website and MP services should not be utilized or purchased by minors. In the event of lessons concerning a student who is a minor, the "Book now" or "Ask a question" online application/contact form should be completed by a parent/guardian who will then need to make any subsequent payments.

Teachers featured on MP are not its salaried employees. The majority of MP's teachers are long-time partners and we have firsthand knowledge of the quality of their work. To a considerable degree we are able to pledge highly efficient lessons. Understandably, 100% lesson efficiency cannot be guaranteed, and of course this does not depend exclusively on the capabilities of the teacher.

After choosing a teacher, the students or parents involved can then fill out the "Book a lesson" or "Ask something" form from the teacher's profile and the teacher will contact them to arrange their first free online meeting. After that, students or parents must make a prepayment to MP for their first cycle of lessons, while informing MP via email and attaching the receipt. After completing each cycle, must prepay the next one, notifying always MP. We would like to point out that only prepaid lessons can take place. Should any banking fees arise upon payment, these are entirely borne by the student / parent, so that the amount prepaid to MP is the net amount in accordance with the fee amount displayed in the teacher profiles. Payments from Greece must be made at least 2 working days before the first lesson, while from countries outside Greece, 3 working days prior must be allowed. Receipts for services rendered may be issued in accordance with the law by the 15th of the following month.

Days and times of lessons can be arranged between the student or parent in consultation with the teacher. Any alteration/cancellation of a lesson may be acknowledged only by informing the teacher 24+ hours in advance. Otherwise the lesson shall be deemed as taking place. We must stress that information concerning whatsoever cancellation or modification to a lesson must be transmitted directly to the teacher and not to MP.

As far as students who are minors are concerned, parents or guardians must be at home during the online classes and lessons must be held in a place where they can supervise. Of course, you need to find the "right balance" and show discretion so as not to in any way affect or hinder student-teacher communication in order that the lesson can function smoothly and efficiently.

Particulars and personal data supplied on contact request forms may be shared with teachers you have chosen. You may agree to receive phone calls and emails from MP and the teachers you have chosen for the sole purpose of carrying out your request. Personal data is stored on a server in the EU. The process of collecting and processing personal data (telephone, full name, email) is in accordance with the relevant EU directives on personal data (GDPR).