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Tzouras Lessons Online.
Outstanding Teachers.

Individual tzouras lessons online tailored to your needs and at very affordable prices.

Meet Our Teachers

Whether you are a beginner, advanced, young or old, online tzouras lessons are interactive and tailored for you.

Angelos P.

Tzouras, bouzouki, baglamas
From €10
  • I have taught since 1998 at state and private music conservatories as well as online.
  • I use a method for direct, quick and easy learning for any level.
  • I undertake students from 7 years old and above.

Vangelis V.

Tzouras, bouzouki, folk guitar, lute, mandolin, baglamas
From €13
  • I teach since 2010 in conservatories, music schools and online.
  • My method is easy to use with practice and theory on the instrument, in order to build solid foundation in music.
  • I teach students from 7 years old and up.

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Expert Teachers

Expert Teachers

Top rated instructors guide you in every step of your journey in music

Personalized Lessons

Personalized Lessons

Your style, your pace. Customized lessons designed for you

100% Guaranteed

100% Guaranteed

Try a lesson. If you're not 100% satisfied, we'll offer you a free lesson with another teacher

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Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll match you with your perfect teacher. Call us at +302107474471 or email us at infοblofmusicρaΙ.gr


Your instructor will motivate, support, and inspire you. Take the first step and contact him wherever you are!


Each lesson is customized to help you grow. Learn faster and easier than ever with personal attention from an expert instructor.

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  • Easy and Convenient
  • 100% Guaranteed
  • Outstanding Teachers
  • Thousands of Satisfied Students
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testimonial quotation

I always remember my father playing the tzouras (stringed musical instrument related to the bouzouki) at home in the evenings. I always wanted to learn, but something would always crop up and prevent me. Last year I decided that the lockdown would be an ideal opportunity to take up something I really loved and so in that way these endless hours could be spent creatively. Angelos was really good from the very first moment. Simple, easy to understand and clear, he understood exactly what I needed and showed me how to get started on playing. What I really liked a lot is that we did not waste the first lessons just on theory, but I learned all the music theory I needed to learn as we went along when working on songs and melodies. The more we progress the more songs become more complex and now, after 6 months of lessons, I am at a level where I can play some things by ear. Amazing teacher!

- Meropi, tzouras lessons

testimonial quotation

I'd played the tzouras by trial and error for 2 years, but after a while I hit a wall. I decided to try online lessons and chose Angelos from MusicPal. I was impressed by the fact that after he looked at what I had done on my own, he quickly identified my shortcomings and the weak points that were making things difficult for me and we started working on them. The lesson was based on what I needed to learn and it was like there was no distance between us. I really enjoy our lessons, because apart from being a very good teacher, he is also a nice, friendly person and the time spent with him is super enjoyable.

- Nikos, tzouras lessons

testimonial quotation

I often get together at friends' houses and spend evenings with some food and wine playing music. Someone on guitar, someone else on bouzouki, and someone singing. I always wanted to be able to take part myself and I decided to take up the tzouras. I thought that at my age it would be too difficult, but Angelos has coached me in his very friendly way to learn songs to play to my friends, but also the theory that they contain. In a few months I was able to start actively taking part in our get-togethers instead of just being a spectator! And as we progress with the lessons I feel I'm only going to get better and better.

- Gerasimos, tzouras lessons

testimonial quotation

Very early on my young son asked to learn the bouzouki. At first we didn't take a lot of notice, but as the years went by he persisted in asking for one. I decided with my husband to start him on the tzouras, which looks like a bouzouki, and we already had the instrument at home passed down from his grandfather. But with the tight schedules we have, we didn't have the time to take him to music conservatories. After discussing it with friends, they suggested that we try lessons online. We couldn't have made a better decision! My young son is excited about Angelos and always looks forward to his lesson, engages with the instrument all day and he is progressing very quickly. Angelos has a really good speaking manner and he's very methodically progressing to an even higher level and doing more and more intricate songs and I think we'll have very beautiful things to hear in the years to come.

- Gogo, tzouras lessons for children

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