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Individual lyra lessons online tailored to your needs and at very affordable prices.

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Whether you are a beginner, advanced, young or old, online lyra lessons are interactive and tailored for you.

Manolis M.

Cretan lyra, Constantinopolitan lyra, mandolin
From €13
  • I teach all ages and levels
  • Repertoire from Crete and all over Greece
  • Knowledge of European theory and harmony, maqam, Byzantine notation and rhythmology

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Expert Teachers

Expert Teachers

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Personalized Lessons

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100% Guaranteed

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Students' stories:

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Every summer when we go to Crete my son can't get enough of his grandfather playing his lyra! So his grandfather gifted him the lyra to pass on the tradition. While searching for a Cretan lyra teacher we checked out MusicPal and decided to give it a try. At first it was difficult for my son till he got used to the bow, but with patient coaching by his teacher he managed it. Now he looks forward to his lesson every week and can't wait for the summer break to show his grandfather how much he has learned.

- Vasso, Cretan lyra lessons for children

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I had already learned the lyra as a child because of my origins and since then I used to play once in a while. This year when I had more free time, I decided to revise what I learned in the past. Manolis helped me, in a short time, to reach the level where I used to be and now to constantly improve. I have added to my repertoire, tweaked some technical errors and I look forward to our lessons every week. I would highly recommend him to anyone, both advanced and beginners' level.

- Sifis, Cretan lyra lessons

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I am really keen on the “mandinada” songs and the lyra has always been my great love. I still pluck the strings since leaving school, but this year I decided to get involved more regularly and properly. With all that is going on, I decided to try the remote lessons and I have had 3 months of classes with Manolis. I couldn't have made a better choice!!! He loves the lyra and Cretan music in general as much as I do, his knowledge is staggering and the way he teaches is very clear and easy to understand. At first I was a little skeptical as to how effective the online lessons would be but with the right teacher they can be super good!

- Yolanda, Cretan lyra lessons

testimonial quotation

Manolis is super good! A well-organized teacher, with a vast knowledge of the subject and with a big smile he makes every lesson really special. Our lessons are like having a party because I play the lyra on backing tracks that he gives me, and this turns my place into a party atmosphere! He also puts me and the neighbors in good spirits, now that I've reached a pretty good level.

- Dinos, Cretan lyra lessons

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