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Guitar Lessons Online.
Outstanding Teachers.

Individual guitar lessons online tailored to your needs and at very affordable prices.

Meet Our Teachers

Whether you are a beginner, advanced, young or old, online guitar lessons are interactive and tailored for you.

Vangelis V.

Greek folk guitar, bouzouki, lute, mandolin, baglamas, saz
From €13
  • I teach since 2010 in conservatories, music schools and online.
  • My method is easy to use with practice and theory on the instrument, in order to build solid foundation in music.
  • I teach students from 7 years old and up.

Haris P.

Greek folk guitar, Greek folk singing, oud, saz, byzantine music, mandolin, baglamas
From €13
  • I teach all ages and levels.
  • Combination of practice and theory, focusing on style and expression.
  • Special method for practical psalts, professional singers, students of music schools and universities etc.

Nicolas L.

Accoustic & electric guitar
From €13
  • Every kind of music is taught.
  • Teaching since 2015 students of all ages from beginners to advanced.
  • Holder of guitar diploma (University of West London), holder of classical / modern harmony diploma.

Marinos S.

Guitar (classical, electric, accoustic)
From €13
  • Graduated in both classical and electric guitar and also in sound recording and music technology.
  • I teach students of all ages and levels since 2014.
  • I have equal knowledge, experience and repertoire in classical, electric and acoustic guitar.

Stel A.

Electric guitar
From €20
  • Major experience in electric guitar teaching for over 15 years.
  • Lessons about audio recording & social media use, as a guitar player.
  • 100k Youtube Subsribers on my channel and I can explain/teach how Youtube works.

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Expert Teachers

Expert Teachers

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Personalized Lessons

Personalized Lessons

Your style, your pace. Customized lessons designed for you

100% Guaranteed

100% Guaranteed

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testimonial quotation

The lessons with Nicolas are great and often some of the nicest times I have in my week. I have progressed a lot more than I had hoped a few months ago when I started the lessons as a complete beginner. I can now play songs from lots of different genres using many different techniques. And this is mainly due to the enthusiasm that my teacher imparted to me during our lessons and his support even when my technique was not its best. The lesson is structured, organized and focuses more on what I myself want to learn rather than what the teacher wants to teach me. Withοut any hesitation I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a guitar teacher!

- Vasilis, acoustic guitar lessons

testimonial quotation

I genuinely want to thank you for the lessons you offer. I sincerely hope you realize the good you are doing and how much you are helping people like me. Nowhere else could I find lessons that are so simple and easy to understand. I have learned everything I know from my online lessons with MusicPal – all that I couldn't learn from books, articles and tutorials all these years I have been involved in music. My teacher found a way to rid me of the confusion, and now I understand everything I found difficult in relation to technique.

- Christina, guitar lessons

testimonial quotation

MusicPal's lessons are outstanding. So far I have had 4 lessons and through their experience the teacher was able to directly identify my weak points in knowledge and technique and so we are working on them. So he helped me fix what I thought I knew and showed me the right technique to use. He has a realistic approach and speaks in a way that makes music theory very simple and easy to understand. Now I know how many chords a key has, the difference between majore and minore, I know what pentatonic means and so much more that until now I was confused and had little time for. I am also impressed by the fact that the teacher never makes wrong assumptions about you. They ask you and get to know you and engage with you meaningfully in every lesson. I can't wait for what follows.

- Dionysis, guitar lessons

testimonial quotation

I decided to learn guitar at the age of 65, when I retired, but I was a little pessimistic about whether I would find a teacher who would suit me. Luckily I came across Vangelis. He is very patient and with a big smile, and the lesson with him is fun and easy to understand. I highly recommend him.

- Lambros, Greek folk guitar lessons

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