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Clarinet Lessons Online.
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Individual clarinet lessons online tailored to your needs and at very affordable prices.

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Whether you are a beginner, advanced, young or old, online clarinet lessons (Greek) are interactive and tailored for you.

Trifonas P.

Greek traditional clarinet
From €15
  • I teach ages from 7 and up.
  • Teaching experience since 2013.
  • Diploma in Byzantine music.

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Expert Teachers

Expert Teachers

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Personalized Lessons

Personalized Lessons

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100% Guaranteed

100% Guaranteed

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Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll match you with your perfect teacher. Call us at +302107474471 or email us at infοblofmusicρaΙ.gr


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Each lesson is customized to help you grow. Learn faster and easier than ever with personal attention from an expert instructor.

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testimonial quotation

Since I was a child I deeply loved music, since my father played the guitar and my grandfather bouzouki. My dream was to learn how to play the Greek clarinet and when I was 39 years old I took the big decision. I confess that I was skeptical about the risk I’m taking choosing online lessons, but because I live abroad I decided to try this way of teaching. My first impressions are excellent, because Mr. Trifonas, though younger than me in age, is mature in music and a master in teaching. I’ve already had 4 lessons and it’s absolutely certain that I’m going to continue!!! I definitely recommend Mr. Trifonas to anybody who wants to learn how to play the Greek clarinet. I also recommend online lessons as a great way of learning music, which has nothing to be jealous about from registering at a music school.

- fr.Vasilios, clarinet lessons

testimonial quotation

Trifonas is an awesome teacher! Though he is young, he loves clarinet and music so much that in his passion in every lesson we have is clear. At first it was a little difficult until I managed to get the note right and it didn't make a high-pitched hiss, but we overcame this stage long ago and now little by little I can play some tunes. I can't wait to be able to easily play my favorite tunes of epirus!

- Soula, clarinet lessons

testimonial quotation

The clarinet is a noisy enough instrument to have lessons at home with but the sound makes your mind wander and deservedly so! All the time I've had lessons with Trifonas I've only positive things to say. A really nice guy, a lot of fun to be around and the lesson time passes without me realizing it. I like that in every lesson he shows me something new technically and that the lesson is not only about songs without learning anything theoretical but also not only theory without enjoying the songs at all. He maintains a really good balance between the two and I look forward to what follows.

- Babis, clarinet lessons

testimonial quotation

I started lessons last year with MusicPal because quite simply I owed it to myself to do something! I had always wanted to learn the clarinet, I'd bought one and it was sitting in the corner doing nothing because I never found the time to take it up, you see I always had other commitments... In the first lesson the teacher played me an improvised piece of his and it was insane! ! I got totally hooked. We set a goal together to get me to be able to play like that and every week, every lesson, I have that in mind. Even when I'm struggling with some technique issues, my teacher helps me a lot, takes me through it and has the patience to show me again and again until he's sure I've got it. There's a long way to go before I can say I've learned the clarinet, but it's a lot of fun.

- Sotos, clarinet lessons

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